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Domain Renewal (RNW)

Do I need to renew my domain name?

Domain names are required to be renewed with annual fee, EXCEPT for old contract agreement domain names. You could check the contract type at “WHOIS“.

When and how can I submit the renewal application for my domain name?

You should renew the domain name via “Renew” before the expiry date. You could check the expiry date at “WHOIS“. Please refer to “Fee Schedule and Payment Method” for more details.

How much does it charge for domain name renewal?

Please refer to the latest fee schedule of ‘.hk’ domain name.

How can I change the contract period and payment method?

You can change the contract period and payment method while renewing the domain online; however, after the payment is settled, you cannot make changes to the contract period and payment method.

What kinds of documents do we need to submit during renewal?

Only if your domain names were registered ON or BEFORE 31 May 2001 and have NOT completed the re-registration process with HKDNR, you are required to send in the required document(s) for different types of domain names. For details, please refer to Document(s).

What should I do if the name of my organization has changed but to remain all other particulars unchanged?

Procedures for different types of domain name categories are as follows:

For “” domain name holders:

1.) If the change is due to company restructure or merging, you are required to provide relevant documentary proof showing the relationship between the former organization and the new organization that will use the domain name.

2.) If the change has been endorsed by the Company Registry, you are required to provide us the Certificate of Incorporation on “Change of Name” together with the new Business Registration Certificate.

For “”, “”, “”, “” domain name holders:

You are required to provide relevant legal documentary proof to prove the change of organization name for verification.
Copy of the document(s) can be sent in by email or fax to the contact details below. Remember to quote the domain name and purpose of change on all documents sent in.

Email: Fax: +852 23192626

What happens if I do not submit documentary proof or do not renew my domain name when it expires?

Your domain name will be deleted 30 days after the expiry date.

Do I need to renew my domain name registration every year?

Depends on the contract period you selected. You can register your domain name with a contract period of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years.

How/Where/When can I get an invoice for domain renewal?

Starting from 60days before domain expiry, the system will send out the renewal invoice notification by email. You may also view the invoice by login the account and select My Billing > View Invoice/Receipt.

How to check the status of my renewal application?

Email notifications will be sent to all contacts upon receiving your application, and a subsequent email with acknowledgement and receipt will be sent on the next day upon the payment was settled.

How can I revise the contract period for my renewal application?

To change the contract period of your application, you can choose one of the following methods:

1.) For online payment, please go to “Renew” and follow the online instructions to change your contract period;
2.) For payment by cheque, please mark your preferred contract period at the back of your cheque together with the domain name;
3.) Email us at or by call at +852 23191313 for follow-up.

Our company has moved to another country or already closed. Can I renew the existing .hk domain name?

In order to continue using the domain name, all domain name holders are required to show evidence of relevant registration in Hong Kong. If your company has moved to another country or already closed, you should inform HKDNR immediately or apply for a transfer of domain name and present the evidence of mutual consent between the Transferor and the Transferee, an entity which meets the requirement of using .hk domain name. For details please refer to FAQ of Transfer of Domain Ownership.

Can I change the contract period or payment method after submitting the online application form?

Normally the contract period and payment method cannot be changed once you have submitted your application. However, special arrangements can be made upon request, please contact our Registration Staff at +852 23191313 or email to for assistance.

My domain has been suspended due to the expiration, please advise the process to renew it?

During the blackout period, the domain service will be suspended. Please renew the domain name immediately to resume the service. For the renewal process, please refer to “Fee Schedule and Payment Method

I forgot to renew my domain, it expired and now is being blocked. Can it be reinstated ASAP?

The domain service will resume after the renewal process is completed. For assistance, please contact us at or by call at +852 23191313.