Domain Name Registration

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How can I pay? What are the payment methods?

Please refer to our website for details on the payment methods

What kinds of credit cards are accepted for online payment?

Both Visa and Mastercard are accepted for online payment.

When will my payment be settled if I use my credit card to pay online?

Payment by credit card online will be settled once all required
document(s) for the application have been received and passed the verification procedure.

How much is the name server modification fee?

For domain names registered under the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement, the modification of name server information is FREE of charge.

For domain names registered under the Old Contract, an administrative fee (HK$200) will be charged for each of the modification requests.

How much do we charge for Transfer of Domain Name, Domain Name Deletion, Domain Name Renewal, and registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

  • Transfer: Please refer to Fee Schedule “Transfer of Domain Name” column
  • Deletion: Free of Charge
  • Renewal: Please refer to our Fee Schedule
  • Registration of a second-level ‘.hk’ domain name: Please refer to our Fee Schedule