Domain Name Registration

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Modify Domain Information (MDN)

What kind of information can be modified?

You can modify the domain name contact information (such as contact person name, address, tel. no. and email address)

Where to can modify domain information in HKDNR panel?

Procedures for modifying domain name contact information:

  • Login to your account with Username and Password.
  • Select the Domain and click ‘Modify Domain Information’
  • Review existing contact information and make necessary changes
What kinds of documentary proof are needed for modifications?

No document is required for modification on .hk domain contact information unless special requested by HKDNR

When will my modifications be effective?

Modifications will be implemented on the same day as the request.

Why does the system limit me to change the domain administrative contact when I apply for a new domain name or change my existing domain name?

The specific administrative contact is the same administrative contact for the first registered domain name under your name. Using the same administrative contact means those domain names are sharing the same Account Name. This would facilitate your management of all domain names under you.