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New Domain Registration (NDN)

What are the procedures to register a doamin name?

To register a .hk domain name, you need to check the availability of the domain name beforehand and prepare the relevant document(s) if necessary. Domain name registration can be performed online by completing the online registration process according to the following steps:

Step 1: Check the availability of the domain name at “Register .hk domain name” on the front page.

Step 2: Choose domain and more services.

Step 3: Choose contract year

Step 4: Read and accept Registration Agreement, Rules and Important Notice

Step 5: Review and confirm payment amount and contract year.

Step 6: Input Registrant information, other contact information and Name Server information (Name servers are now using parking by default. If you want to modify, please click to modify).

Step 7: Make payment online or quite the page if you are using other payment method. Then submit your application and record the tracking number (NDNxxxxxxx) and domain name information shown. Meanwhile, send the required fees (the customer that paid online can omit that) and required document(s) that marked with the tracking number and domain name to HKDNR within 14 calendar days. You can also upload the document(s) to our website or submit it by email or fax +852 2319 2626.

* Please also note that if you/your company has an existing domain name that is currently under Old Agreement, your new registration application will bind your existing domain name to the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement.

What should I be aware of when filling out the online registration form?

Before proceeding with the online registration, please have the required documents ready (refer to Document(s) for details). When filling in the information, make sure that all the data entered are correct and accurate; for those documents related data, be sure that they are identical with what stated on the documents, ie. the organization name and document number. By completing the online registration procedure, you are then accepted to be bound by the terms and conditions of our latest HKDNR Registration Agreement. Remember to quote the Tracking Number and Domain Name on the document(s) and payment.

What kinds of document and payment does HKDNR accept?

Please refer to Document(s) and Payment Methods for details.

How much to register a .hk domain name? Any extra service charge?

Please refer to the following table of fee schedule :

Contract Period
Per / / / /
domain name
Per .hk
domain name

Annual Fee (HK$):
– for 1-year contract
– for 2-year contract
– for 3-year contract
– for 5-year contract




Types of Application
Per Application (HK$)
Per Application (HK$)
Per Application (HK$)

* Registration of New Domain Name / *
Renewal of Existing Domain Name

Based on the Contract
Period selected

Based on the
Contract Period selected

Based on the Contract Period selected

#Transfer of
Domain Name

$500 + Annual Fee

$500 + Annual Fee

$500 + Annual Fee

*Modification of
Name Server

$200 (For domain names registered under Old Contract)



*Late Charge

$200 (Within 14 days after domain name’s suspension)

100 (Within 14 days after domain name’s suspension)

$200 (Within 14 days after domain name’s suspension)

Other Special Services

Upon request

Upon request

Upon request

*For all unsuccessful applications, the first $150 (for or $200 (for other domain names) of the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
#For all unsuccessful applications, the first $500 of the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
**All Fees listed above are subjected to change with 30-day prior notice.

When do I have to pay the registration fee and annual renewal fee?

The renewal date of your domain name depends on the contract year you
selected. For details, please refer to the FAQ of Domain Renewal

How long can I use a domain name after registration?

A domain name can be registered for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years. It depends on the domain name type and payment method you choose.

Can I register more than one .hk domain name?

All registrants of domain names that are under or have been upgraded to the latest HKDNR registration agreement are eligible to apply for multiple domain names. For customers whose domain names are under Old Agreement can only register for one .hk domain name.

How can I modify the domain name information?

You can modify your name servers or other contacts information on our website at For details, please refer to FAQ of Modify Domain Information

How can I change the name of the registrant (organization using domain name) after registering a domain name?

There are two scenarios of changing the name of domain name holder: (1) formal change of organization name (details refer to FAQ of Old Contract Domain Name) / individual name (2) change of ownership (details refer to FAQ of Transfer of Domain Ownership).

Will my name or contact information be available to the public?

We will make your domain name related information available to the public at “WHOIS“, but we will not sell or disclose other information about our customers to any external parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement for details.

Someone has registered the domain name I want and I have a trademark, what should I do? Is there any way that I can get it back?

Generally speaking, domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you think someone has invaded your right in using the domain name, and you have a trademark to back up your claim, please read our Dispute Resolution Policy and contact Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the appointed .hk domain name dispute resolution provider if you do have such a complaint.

What services can I get after registering a domain name?

If your domain name has already been successfully registered, some extra services will be available to you. These services include:

  • modification of your name server
  • modification of administrative contact, technical contact, and billing contact
  • deletion of your domain name
  • transfer of domain names
  • other special services (details will be available upon request)
If my desired domain name has been registered by another party, can I reserve the said domain name and make registration till it’s contract ended?

Since domain names that registered under the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement can be renewed annually, normally we do not accept reservation for any registered domain names.

Why does my favorite domain name cannot be registered though I can’t find any record at “WHOIS”?

Other than the domain names that have already been registered, HKIRC has reserved a list of domain names that are not opened to public for registration.