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About Domain Name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique alpha-numeric name used to locate a specific computer on the Internet.

What does it mean to “register” a .hk domain name?

To register a .hk domain name means that an individual or an organization is requesting a right to use the registered name on the Internet. The individual or organization which wishes to register this .hk domain name must accept the latest Registration Agreement set by Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR).

What is the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (here after HKDNR)?

HKDNR is now the operations arm of The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC) in assuming the role of both registry and registrar for the registration and assignment of Third Level Domain (“Domain Name”) under the existing Second Level Domains, namely,,,,, Second-Level .hk and any other categories to be introduced from time to time.

Who can register a domain name?

For, it is designated for Individuals aged 11 or above with HKID cards.
For a 2nd level .hk, it is designed for the registration by any legal individual or organizational entity (either local or overseas)
For the 3rd level .hk, it is designed for any organization legally present in HK.

How long does the registration process take?

Registration processing time will depend on your completeness of the application and our verification action.

For example, for 3rd level .hk, we shall process your registration upon receipt of your: (i) copy of the document(s) and (ii) applicable registration fee. Once we have received and verified all the required document(s), you will receive email notifications notifying results of your application within 1 working day. However, for an incomplete case, an email reminder will be sent on the 14th calendar day after receiving your application to notify you of the outstanding items. The application will be cancelled if all the required items are still not received within 10 calendar days.

I don’t know a thing about the Internet, can I let my Internet Service Provider (ISP) handle everything in my domain name application?

Yes, but bear in mind that your ISP is performing the registration on behalf of you; therefore, you are the one who will be bound by the terms and conditions of the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement. You are also agreed to be responsible for any errors made by the Agent. So, please make sure all information provided by your ISP is correct and accurate in order to avoid any discrepancies found.

Since you may change your ISP, we advise you to have your contact information as the Domain’s Administrative Contact so that we can keep you informed of any issues related to your domain name.

I am an individual and do not have a company. Can I register a domain name?

Yes. Starting from 21 Feb 2003, any Hong Kong Identity Card Holder aged 11 or above may apply for individual domain names ( at For individuals from overseas, please consider registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name, which accepts applications of organizations and individuals from both local and overseas.

I am not yet online. I want to register a domain name first, then subscribe to an ISP later. Can I reserve a domain name first?

YES! You can register a domain name first and HKDNR may provide temporary name servers for you until your designated name server records are available.

Once the website content or web-hosting service is ready, you can update the name server details temporarily provided by HKDNR by proceeding with an “Modify Name Server (MNS)” application at the HKDNR panel.

An email notification will be sent to the domain’s Administrative Contact and the Technical Contact once receiving the MNS application, and the modification will be activated on the same day.

I noticed that my desired domain name is unavailable. What should I do?

Registration of domain name is on a first-come, first-served basis, if your desired domain name is registered, you can consider trying another favorite domain name.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is used to query the information of a domain such as domain holder, contact details and its expiry date.

How to search for an available domain?

Entry your deserved domain name in HKDNR front page,
choose domain extension ( .hk | | etc), click SEARCH

I want to check the contact information of a .hk domain name owned by an EU citizen/organization, but the information on WHOIS is hidden. How can I get such information?

This arrangement only responds to the GDPR requirement. If you have any doubt on the Registrant Contact Information, please feel free to contact the relevant registrar for details. The registrar may pass your contact information to the relevant domain contact person and s/he can decide how to follow up. You can find the registrar’s contact information by looking up WHOIS

Can I request to hide the holder name or other contact information of my domain name in WHOIS?

The Registry has the responsibility to allow the public to access some of the Registrant’s details for the purpose of obtaining information about the Domain Name registration (e.g. identifying the holder before filing a dispute complaint, or if the domain is being maliciously registered) or any other related purpose.

Hope you understand the holder name could not be hidden. We would suggest modifying the contact information (e.g. changing the email address or other contact information) to what you are comfortable with.

Where can I check a domain name’s expiry date?

Visit HKDNR.HK website
Go to WHOIS, enter domain name, and click “Search”
Click “Display”, then you can see its “Expiry Date”

How can I know the status of my new domain name registration? When will the domain name be effective?

You (domain registrant, admin, technical and billing contacts) will receive a system-generated email confirmation a few hours after domain approval by HKDNR. Usually, we will take 1-2 days to approve a new registration on the condition that all required documents are submitted for verification.

How long will the domain be made available for registration again after deletion?

After the domain is deleted or when it is not renewed, it will enter a 60-day Blackout Period. During that period the domain is neither resolvable nor available for registration. Under normal circumstances, the domain will be open for registration again right after the Blackout Period.