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Domain Deletion (DEL)

Who can make the deletion?

The following parties can perform deletion of the domain name:

  • Domain name holder
  • Authorized parties by the domain name holder
  • Domain name registry (HKDNR)
How can I make a deletion?

Procedures for deleting a domain name:

  • Login to your account with Username and Password.
  • Click on ‘My Domain’ and select ‘Delete Domain’.
  • Enter the domain name and then follow the online instructions to complete the procedures.
What is the fee for the request?

It is free of charge.

What kind of document should be submitted for deletion?

No document is needed except a special request is made by HKDNR.

Can anyone object to the deletion?

Only the domain name owner can object to the deletion by sending an email request to us at for investigation.

How long does the deletion process take?

It will be completed within SEVEN (7) calendar days after the application has been processed.

How do I know whether the deletion is completed?

You will receive an email notification advising the effective date.

When will the deleted domain name be released to the public for application again?

After the domain is deleted or when it is not renewed, it will enter a 60-day Blackout Period. During that period the domain is neither resolvable nor available for registration. Under normal circumstances, the domain will be open for registration again right after the Blackout Period.

Will there be any problem if the domain name registered under the old contract is not in use?

For the domain names registered under the Old Agreement, HKDNR reserves the right to recover any inactive cases registered but are on hold for more than NINETY (90) days due to lacking valid name service. Therefore, if your domain name is on hold with invalid name server details, we shall recover your domain name.

What should I do if I want to re-activate my domain name?

To re-activate your domain name, the domain name holder should send a request to to cancel the deletion.