HKDNR Service Partner Program

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HKDNR Service Partner

What are the benefits for joining the new Service Partner Program?

Being a service partner of HKDNR, you can enjoy numerous benefits mainly highlighted as follows:

  • Marketing Exposure through HKDNR’s marketing channels
  • The Volume Discount Scheme
  • Special Promotional Scheme
  • First-handed updates on any new .hk initiatives

Interested parties are welcome to download the Application Form from our website for making registration.

What is the application requirement for joining the Service Partner Program?

Companies or Organizations interested in promoting “.hk” domain name registration are most welcome to join our Program. Basically we do not have any specific requirement on joining the program. Details on the program can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

What are the application procedures for joining the Program?

Companies or Organizations interested to join the Service Partner Program can follow the steps below to register as our service partners:

1. Review Service Partner Program Terms and Conditions and Program Procedures on

2. Download and fill in the Application Form in Excel format from and submit us the completed Application Form with your company’s Business Registration Copy by email to

3. If your company does not currently have a “.hk” domain name registered, you are required to register a “.hk” domain name through our website (

4. Duly sign the Program agreement by the authorized persons with the company stamps.

5. Settle the Administration Fee (HK$1,000).

It will take 3 to 5 working days to process your application after receiving all the required correspondences and payment. Once your application has been confirmed, you will receive your Service Partner Account and HKDNR’s API Manual.

HKDNR reserves the right to make the final approval of all applications.

Where can I find all relevant documents regarding the Service Partner Program?
Are there any fees required for joining the Program?

Apart from submitting the Application Form, an Administration Fee of HK$1,000 (Service partners who submit at least 100 new domain name registrations within 12 months will be exempted from Administrative Fee for the next year) is required for joining the Service Partner Program.

What are the criteria for calculating 100 new domain name applications submitted within 12 months for waiving the annual fee of HKD 1,000?
  • New paid “.hk” domain name applications only (i.e. NOT including other applications like domain name renewal, transfer, maintenance of domain name details or name server details)
  • Successful applications with the required documentary proof and payment submitted
Will there be an announcement once joining the Service Partner Program?

Once the new partner joins the Service Partner Program, HKDNR will invite the partner to exchange company logos, which will be posted on the websites of both companies as an announcement of the partnership.

What is the deadline for applying as a Service Partner of HKDNR?

Basically we don’t have a deadline for the Service Partner Program. In case the program requires suspension for review, prior notice will be released. Please refer to our website for the latest news on the program.