Domain Name Registration

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Change of Registrar (TTR)

How to change registrar?

Please inquire your existing registrar. You may also download and fill out the Application form and submit this form and a copy of your registration document by email ( to apply for Authorization Code.

How much of changing registrar? Steps and documentation requirement?

To change registrar to HKDNR, we will ask you to renew your domain name with us for at least one year. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Submit the required documents to by using domain admin email or CC to domain admin email.

The required documents include:

  1. The copy(ies) of registration document(s)
  2. The valid domain authorization code

Step 2. Send an email to us by using domain admin email or CC admin email to acknowledge you have read and accepted the HKDNR Registration Agreement, Other provisions and HKIRC Published Policies. If you are unable to accept those documents, you may stop processing the transfer.

Step 3. Refer to Fee Schedule to know more about the fee and payment method. You can proceed payment with credit card by filling out the form and send it back to us afterwards.