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Old Contract Domain Name

What is Old Contract DN?

Old Contract DN refers to domain name who initially registered before February 19, 2001 from Hong Kong Network Information Centre, former .hk domain management organization.

What is the purpose of re-registration?

The purpose of re-registration is to verify / update existing registration information to ensure domain name related information can be reached to the correct contact person, to clear up non-active domain names and to get the consent of the registrants to enter into the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement. Domain name holders who initially registered before February 19, 2001 have the right to keep the Old Agreement, or to accept the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement.

Who needs to re-register?

All active ‘.hk’ domain names registered before June 1, 2001 are required to proceed the re-registration process.

How much is the re-registration fee?

No fee is required for re-registration.

How do I re-register and what kinds of documents should be provided during re-registration?

You have to provide the Certificate of Business Registration (‘BR’) of your company by fax to +852 23192626, by email to or by mail to our office at Unit 501, Level 5, Core C, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.

Can I modify my existing domain contact information during re-registration?

You may modify the contact information by login the account. However, as domain name under Old Agreement is non-transferable, the holder cannot be changed. A fee will also be charged for updating name server information.

What if my company is the same but the name of my organization has changed?

Please contact us by email to with details of your case.

How can I know whether the re-registration is successful or not?

For every re-registration, an email notification will be sent to the Administrative Contact of your domain name.