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2nd & 3rd Level Domain(3LDN/2LDN)

What is a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

The second-level ‘.hk’ domain name (i.e. ‘’), is that it is structurally shorter than the third-level domain name (ie ‘’). HKIRC aims to provide more .hk domain choices to the public.

Is there any document required for registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

Generally speaking, no documentary proof is required to register a Second– Level ‘.hk’ domain name, except:

  • Applications sent in during the Priority-Registration Period: applicants are required to provide the completed declaration letter with a copy of the corresponding Trademark / Service Mark Certificates.
  • Applications for domain names consisting of or containing a reference to words like ‘bank’, ‘insurance’ or ‘assurance’ will require additional documents issued by relevant authorities. For details please refer to Documentary Proof.
What are the benefits for registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name(2LD)?

We recommend 2LD to you because:

  • You can adopt a shorter ‘.hk’ domain name highlighting your local presence
  • You can register 2LD with a simplified application procedure (as no documents will be required for new domain name registration)
  • You can find more choices available
Will my current Third-Level ‘.hk’ domain name be migrated to Second-Level automatically if I register a 2LD?

No, our primary aim to launch the Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name is to provide more choices on ‘.hk’ domain name to the public. If you are an existing customer under 3rd Level categories, your current domain name registration will not be affected after registering a new 2LD.

What is a Third-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

The third-level domain is the next highest level following the second-level domain in domain name hierarchy. HKIRC aims to provide a variety of .hk domain choices to the public, such as | | You can choose the domain that can be the best to represent your business nature.

What are the differences among,,,,

Domain names ending with, or are tailored for different kinds of organizations and is designed for registering by an individual given that you are able to fulfill the criteria set for these domain names. You can refer to the latest HKDNR Registration Agreement for classification of each type of domain name.

How to register domain names? can only be used by Bureaux or Departments of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. All corresponding domain names will be subject to the endorsement by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer

Can I register a domain name consisting of or containing a reference to the wordings “insurance” or “assurance”?

According to the Section 56A, Cap.41 of the Insurance Companies Ordinance the above domain names are not opened for the general public to make registration unless the registrant can:

  • provide license issued by the Insurance Authority to prove that he/she is engaged in insurers and / or brokers nature career; or
  • HKDNR can receive consent of the Insurance Authority to the application in writing within the application deadline.

For more details, please refer to Section 56A, Cap.41 of the ICO. You can also check with The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance / the Insurance Authority at 21/F Queensway Governments Offices, 66 Queensway, H.K. or call +852 28672565 or fax to +852 28690252.

Can I register a domain name consisting of or containing a reference to the wordings ‘bank’?

According to Section 97 of the Banking Ordinance, if a customer applies for the registration of a Domain Name and it uses the word ‘bank’ or any of its derivatives in English, or any translation thereof in any language, or uses the letters ‘b’, ‘a’, ‘n’, ‘k’ in that order in the Domain Name, the customer is required to provide HKDNR with a true copy of the specific consent granted by the Monetary Authority (MA) under section 97 of the Banking Ordinance for the use of banking names or descriptions.

This requirement does not apply if the customer is not restricted from using banking names and descriptions by the relevant provisions of section 97 of the Banking Ordinance (e.g., a bank authorized under the Banking Ordinance) or by the general consent given by the MA under section 97 of the Banking Ordinance.

For more details, please refer to Section 97 of the Banking Ordinance (Cap.155, the Laws of Hong Kong) Chapter 7 of the Guide to Authorization issued by the MA.