Domain Name Registration

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Manage Domain (HKDNR Panel)

How to proceed domain grouping into my account?

Please choose which domain to be “Master Account” and please follow steps as below:

1. Login “Master Account”, then click “Modify domain information”

2. Record “account name” at administrative contact

3. Logout “Master Account”

4. Login the domain name that need to proceed grouping, then click “Modify domain information”

5. Choose “Use Other’s Account Name” at administrative contact

6. Fill in the account name of “Master Account” and click “Submit”

How can I see all my purchased domain in one account?

You can see all purchased domain in one account after grouping all purchased domain to “Master Account”

How to login HKDNR Panel?

Please use Domain name or Account number to login

I used email address to login HKDNR panel, why does it show “Wrong logon name”?

Email address is not a valid login name, please use domain name or account
number to login.