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SSL Cert

Is it possible to set up the SSL Cert without a CSR?

No. CSR(Certificate Signing Request) is an encrypted text file that records your identity and the domain name for which you use the certificate. Certificate Authority or CA would use it for verification and issuing the certificate.

How to create CSR?

For the instructions of generating CSR please refer to

Why is my SSL Cert order status still PENDING?

Pending status will be shown when the validation is incomplete. Please complete the domain control validation process to activate the SSL Certificate.

Why is my SSL Cert order status still INCOMPLETE?

Incomplete status means the SSL cert awaits enrollment. Please configure your SSL Certificate.

If I have a domain, how can I add the SSL cert? How much is it?

You may add the SSL cert while renewing the domain online. Or you may also visit to purchase SSL cert and view the fee schedule.

May I know if the Rapid-SSL cert is the same as a normal SSL cert or not?

For the features and coverages of different Rapid-SSL certificates, please visit

We want to generate a SSL Certificate, how can we verify the domain ownership?

Domain ownership verification process varies with different certificate, in general there are 3 three methods:

1. Email verification;
2. DNS record verification;
3. HTTP file upload verification.

For details, please refer to the instructions of the certificate setup.