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.hk LOCK

What is .hk LOCK?

.hk LOCK is a “registry lock” service for .hk and .香港 domain names. After applying .hk LOCK on a domain name, the change of Name Server and/or Domain Host could not be completed without an “unlocking” process. The unlocking of the domain name requires a thorough and rigorous offline verification process.

How do I subscribe LOCK?

For HKDNR customers, you can log in your account on our panel, click “Manage”, switch on “HK Lock” to proceed the purchase process.

For new customer, you can order .hk LOCK during your new domain registration process (NDN) on HKDNR website.

How to install or set up .hk LOCK?

Please refer to installation user guideline here.

What do I need to do if I need to change the Name Server or Domain Host for my
domain name after using .hk LOCK?

You need to will temporarily switch off (unlock) the .hk LOCK first. Please log in your account on HKDNR panel, set an unlock period and then submit a request. .hk LOCK admin contact will receive a request email accordingly. Once the .hk LOCK admin approves it by clicking the approval link, your .hk LOCK will temporarily switch off. Then you can now change your name server.

How do I know that my domain name is subscribed to and protected by .hk LOCK?

You can search your domain name on our WHOIS. Under “Status Information” section, the “Domain Prohibit Status” should show “The domain name is protected by .hk LOCK”.

How much does .hk LOCK cost and how am I billed?

The subscription fee of .hk LOCK is HK$2,000 per domain name per annum. The annual period is the same as that for the domain name registration. If the commencement date is not on the first day of the domain name annual period of registration, the fee will be prorated by dividing the yearly fee into 365 or 366 days and the number of days will be counted from the first day you start using until the end of the annual period of the domain name registration.

For example, if the service commencement is on 15 March and the expiration of the annual period of registration is on 10 September, the .hk LOCK subscription fee for the first year would be 179/365 X HK$2000.

However, if there are less than 3 months to the end of the domain annual period of registration, you need to pay the yearly .hk LOCK subscription fee for the next annual period as well as the fee for the remaining days of first year.

Will there be any refund for unused service fee?

If the service is terminated for any reason whatsoever before the end of the contract period, the remaining fee paid for the unused period will not be refunded.