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What is sub-domain?

Sub-domain name is the domain name being sub-divided from the domain name registered with us. Sometimes, domain name holder may divide the domain name (example: marketing.mycompany.com.hk or mis.mycompany.com.hk) to facilitate their own use.

How to set up sub-domain name?

Just 4 simple steps to get there:

Step 1: Please log in to your account
Step 2: Click on ‘Manage’ at your selected domain
Step 3: Click “DNS Hosting”
Step 4: Create or Change the details on the sub-domain record and click “Submit”

Is it possible to add DNS to sub-domain?

Sub-domain setting in HKDNR is only for the DNS hosting service. It cannot be added DNS record and used as a standalone domain name.

is it possible to create more than one sub-domain?

DNS hosting service that provided by HKDNR supports only one sub-domain creation.