Instructions for Transferring Domain Name

Transfer of a domain name means all rights and obligations derived from the domain name’s registration are transferred from the Current Registrant (“Transferor“) to a New Registrant (“Transferee“) by mutual consent.


Step 1

The Transferee must complete the Online Transfer Application Form which contains the new registration information for the Transferee. Once the Online Transfer Application Form has been completed, HKDNR will allocate a Tracking Number to the Transfer Application (e.g. TNRxxxxx).

Step 2

A Transfer Application Letter must be selected using the information below (please pull the page down to select the appropriate Transfer Application Letter). A Transfer Application Letter must be signed by the Transferor and countersigned by the Transferee, and contain company chops for the Transferor or Transferee if applicable, and the Tracking Number allocated to the Transfer Application in Step 1.


Before submitting your transfer application, you need to check the contract version of your domain name at WHOIS. Only domain names under contract “HKDNR latest version” can be transferred. If your domain name is under any “Old Contract” you are required to apply for Contract Conversion at the same time as you apply to transfer your domain name Please click here for details .

There are different types of Transfer Application Letters depending on whether the Transferor is a business or an individual. Please read the below instructions and ensure that you select and use the correct type of Transfer Application Letter when applying. The type of Transfer Application Letter you select will determine what documentary proof needs to be enclosed with your transfer application.

If you are uncertain of which Transfer Application Letter to use in your application, please contact us by e-mail at or call +852 2319 1313.

CASE 1 – The Transferor is a business*

The Transfer Application Letter for Case 1 (Form TNRCase1) and the documentary proof required is here

CASE 2 – The Transferor is an individual:

The Transfer Application Letter for Case 2 (Form TNRCase2) and the documentary proof required is here

* If the Transferor is putting into liquidation or wound-up or has ceased to exist, please refer to “Exceptions To Transfers” at the end of this instruction

Step 3

The transfer fee, Transfer Application Letter together with any documentary proof required must be sent to HKDNR by:


Fax: (852) 2319 2626

All documents, including cheques, submitted to HKDNR must be marked with the Tracking Number allocated in Step 1.

Step 4

On receipt of all the documents in step 3, HKDNR will process the Transfer Application. HKDNR will inform the Transferor and Transferee of the status of the Transfer Application normally within 3 WORKING DAYS after receiving all items listed in Step 3.

Transfer Applications will not be accepted if HKDNR does not receive ALL the required document(s) and/or payment within 30 days from the date of application.


All transfer applications will incur a HK$500 Transfer Fee.

The Registration Fee for the Domain Name being transferred must be paid in addition to the Transfer Fee. The Transferee may choose to pay the Registration Fee for one year, or for multiple years. For the fee schedule which sets out the Registration Fees for each type of Domain Name CLICK here.


If the Transferor is not the Registrant of the domain name to be transferred, but is a beneficial owner of the domain name (i.e. the domain name holder is a business entity that is ceased to exist), a different procedure will apply. Please fill out the Transfer Application Letter for Case 3 (Form TNRCase3).

Examples of a beneficial owner of a domain name include:

(a) the liquidator of a company when the company is the Registrant

(b) the estate of a deceased individual when the individual was the Registrant

(c) a beneficiary of a trust where the trustee is the Registrant

Acceptance of Transfers by beneficial owners is at the sole discretion of HKDNR and may involve an additional fee.

If you have any queries, please contact us by e-mail at or call +852 2319 1313.