Corporate Social Responsibility

As a good corporate citizen ready to contribute to the well-being of the people and society of Hong Kong, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda of HKIRC. Apart from promoting the use of the Internet to improve personal life, HKIRC embarks on a number of CSR initiatives. HKIRC have been awarded “Caring Organization” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) for five consecutive years in recognition of our consistent efforts in helping to build a harmonious community.




1. Caring for the Community
HKIRC cares and participates in the welfare of our society through philanthropic contribution and volunteer services. HKIRC collaborates with community organizations to conduct educational programs targeting the youth, the elderly and the general public. HKIRC supports campaigns related to the Internet and the digital media, while at the same time endeavors to raise public awareness of safe web surfing.


Donations and Volunteer Services (2005-Present)

Since 2005, we have contributed more than HK$100,000 in charitable donations and community sponsorship, such as Community Chest, The Salvation Army, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, Hong Kong Red Cross, Changing Young Lives Foundation, Playright, etc. Through company-organized initiatives, our staff members made nearly HK$20,000 charitable donations and have participated in more than 100 hours of voluntary works, beneficiaries including SPCA, Ronald McDonald House Hong Kong, Christian Action, Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation, etc.


Po Leung Kuk Sunny Family Ambassador (2005-Present)

HKIRC joined the Po Leung Kuk Child House Sponsorship Programme starting from year 2005, in order to help those vulnerable children in the community.


www.QuickRelief.hk (2008)
In response to the unfortunate Sichuan earthquake in May 2008, HKIRC set up a new website www.QuickRelief.hk to share information related to the disaster and the relief actions being taken by different parties. The first initiative HKIRC undertook was the ‘$10 per new.hk’ campaign. For every new ‘.hk’ registration made within a month after the disaster, HKIRC donated $10 to help the quake victims in Sichuan. An online donation channel was also provided to make it as easy as possible for visitors to the website to make donations.


“Tung Wah e-Logo” Program(2008)
HKIRC and Tung Wah Group jointly ran a “Tung Wah e-Logo” program in 2008. Customers registering new ‘.hk’ domain names can elect to donate to Tung Wah Group at the same time. Depending on the amount of the donation, an e-logo of a particular colour will be offered to the donor for display on the homepage of their new website.



Internet Safety Contest (2008)
In order to foster the development of a health and safe internet culture for the youth, HKIRC sponsored and supported the Internet Safety Contest organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). There were 229 submissions received from 24 local schools and from the members of the public. About a thousand citizens voted online to determine the winners of the contest.
Be NetWise ‘Internet Education Campaign’ (2009)
In September 2009, a one-year territory-wide and Internet educational program – Be Netwise, was initiated to help parents understand the proper use of the Internet, so that they can effectively teach their children the same. HKIRC was invited by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to sponsor the official website www.be-netwise.hk as well as to provide education materials regarding online safety.


Short Film Ad Competition (2010)
HKIRC sponsored a free domain names www.cmayouth.hk to the Short Film Ad competition jointly-organized by Chinese Manufacturer’s Association and Sing Tao Corporation, in order to encourage secondary students to create innovative video advertisements for public sharing and voting. Also, winning students are sponsored one-year-free idv.hk/.hk domain names so that they can apply these domain names to their emails/blogs to highlight their identities.


IT Tutor Training Programme for elderly (2010)
HKIRC believes that the IT world is not the privilege of the youth only. Elderly also have the right and ability to enjoy the benefits of the IT world. HKIRC sponsored and supported the IT tutor Training Programme organized by Cyber Senior Network Development Association Limited, providing train-the-trainer programme for seniors who were willing to be volunteers to teach other elderly to use computer. Elderly tutors share the same language and pace in learning which makes the elderly students easier for the elderly students to catch up with the new knowledge and skills. Elderly teaching elderly can bring more positive impact on both the teachers and students. With this programme, a team of 30 elderly tutors was trained, and they will serve more than 720 elderly in the communities.



2. Caring for the Employee
HKIRC/HKDNR believes that employees are crucial to our success. Training and development opportunities are provided to upgrade skill sets of staff members for achieving operational excellence. Recreational and sports activities are organized for our staff to ensure work-life balance.


Staff Training
HKIRC/HKDNR organize team-building workshops to strengthen employee’s cooperatives skills. Also, HKIRC/HKDNR encourages continuing education. We offer training subsidies for staff to take external courses to upgrade their work skills and knowledge.


Equal Opportunities
HKIRC/HKDNR are committed to providing equal opportunities for our staff. Our employment practices and procedures do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, pregnancy or family status. All employees are briefed on our equal opportunities and sexual harassment policies


Balanced Life
To ensure the health and wellness of the staff, a range of interest classes, sport and recreational activities were organized for the staff and their families. These included yoga classes, sharing workshop, dinner gathering and more.


3. Caring for the Environment
Environmental protection has become an urgent initiative globally. As a responsible corporate citizen, HKIRC is actively concerned about and participates in environmental protection.

‘GREEN’ Operations
In order to reduce paper consumption, HKIRC/HKDNR launched e-statement system since its establishment in year 2001. All correspondences related to the registration of .hk domain names including invoice, payment receipt, etc. are sent via email. Nearly 1 million sheets of paper are saved per year. Since 2008, we launched e-fax service to save paper resources by receiving and storing incoming documentation from customers in electronic form.