Tailored ‘.hk’ Domain Name Categories for Various Community Sectors


Easy-to-remember domain name for any company, organization or person aged 11 or above (e.g. myname.hk)


For Hong Kong ID cardholders aged 11 or above (e.g. myname.idv.hk)


For commercial entities with Business Registration Certificates OR Certificates of Registration of Overseas Company (e.g. mycompany.com.hk)


For entities managing network infrastructure, machines and services with PNETS (IVANS/ISP) licenses from OFTA (e.g. mycompany.net.hk)


For educational organizations with Certificates of Registration of School OR other approved institutions of the same nature (e.g. myorganization.edu.hk)


For non-profit-making organizations registered with the Companies Registry OR with Certificates of Registration of Society OR other relevant documentary proofs (e.g. myorganization.org.hk)


For bureaux and departments of the HKSAR Government (e.g. department.gov.hk)



Benefits of Using ‘.hk’ Domain Names


Professional Image

Enhance your organization image (e.g. mycompany.hk) and credibility, and your communication channels with your clients / associates.

Unique Identification

Distinguish your Hong Kong origin. Preserve and protect your identity and/or brand online.

Efficient Local Support

High standard local customer service in Hong Kong.

Secure Administrator

HKIRC is endorsed by the HKSAR Government.