HKIRC “2012 Digital Marketplace – Creating New Online Business Frontiers” Seminar “.hk Website Utilisation Survey” results announced Trends in diversified website uses revealed Concern over the lack of support for mobile and “Web Care” elements


HKIRC “2012 Digital Marketplace – Creating New Online Business Frontiers” Seminar was held on 22 August 2012 at Cyberport. The seminar was a great success that attracted over 400 participants. At the event, HKIRC announced the latest results of the “.hk Website Utilisation Survey”, revealing the growing trend towards adopting social media and the more diversified uses of .hk websites, as compared to the results of the same survey conducted two years ago. However, the development of mobile-based websites and “Web Care” elements are still in formative stages.

Presentation Files 講稿

Opening Speech – Digital lifestyle and Marketplace
致開幕辭 – 數碼生活與數碼市場

Mr. Daniel Lai – Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
政府資訊科技總監 -賴錫璋先生

Consumer social networks and its market trends

Mr. Matthew Kwan – Principal Consultant, Adams Company Limited
白武士有限公司首席顧問 – 關廣智先生

Leveraging mobile opportunity in your business

Mr. Simon Lee – Manager, Google Business Solutions, Google Hong Kong
谷歌商業用戶方案部香港區客戶經理 – 李瀚恩先生

Announcement of 2012 .hk website utilisation survey results
2012 .hk 網站調查結果公佈

Mr. Jonathan Shea – CEO, HKIRC
香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司行政總裁 – 謝達安先生

Successful Case Sharing 企業成功個案分享

    Mr. Andy Ann – CEO, NDN Group
    NDN Group行政總裁 – 安宇昭先生

    Mr. Ken Chow – Chief Editor,
    Mr. Justin Choy – Product Manager of New Media Group’s Online Division
    Gotrip.hk主編 – 周宇恒先生
    新傳媒集團線上業務部產品經理 – 蔡立邦先生

    Mr. Mike Ko – Co-Founder,
    Timable創辦人 – 高立基先生
    42@Soliton – Director of Business Development,
    Soliton業務發展總監 – 42@Soliton

Photos 相片