Second-level ‘.hk’ domain name

Q1: What is a Second-Level ‘.hk’domain name?

A: Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name (‘2LD’) refers to the new domain name category (e.g. ‘’) which is shorter as compared to the existing 3rd Level categories (e.g. ‘’). Our primary aim to launch the 2LD is to provide more choices on ‘.hk’ domain name to the public.

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Q2: Is there any document required for registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

A: Generally speaking, no documentary proof is required to register a Second- Level ‘.hk’ domain name, except:

  • Applications sent in during the Priority-Registration Period: applicants are required to provide the completed declaration letter with a copy of the corresponding Trademark / Service Mark Certificates.
  • Applications for domain name consisting of or containing a reference to words like ‘bank’, ‘insurance’ or ‘assurance’ will require additional documents issued by relevant authorities. For details please refer to Documentary Proof.

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Q3: What is the annual fee for registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

A: To register a 2LD under a one-year basic contract will cost HK$250. Discount will be offered to registration for multiple years. For details please refer Fee Schedule.

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Q4: Will my current Third-Level ‘.hk’ domain name be migrated to Second-Level automatically if I register a 2LD?

A: No, our primary aim to launch the Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name is to provide more choices on ‘.hk’ domain name to the public. If you are an existing customer under 3rd Level categories, your current domain name registration will not be affected after registering a new 2LD.

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Q5: What are the benefits for registering a Second-Level ‘.hk’ domain name?

A: We recommend 2LD to you because:

  • You can adopt a shorter ‘.hk’ domain name highlighting your local presence
  • You can register 2LD with a simplified application procedure (as no documents will be required for new domain name registration)
  • You can find more choices available

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Q6: How long will the domain be made available for registration again after deletion?

A: After the domain is deleted or when it is not renewed, it will enter a 60-day Blackout Period. During that period the domain is neither resolvable nor available for registration. Under normal circumstances, the domain will be open for registration again right after the Blackout Period.

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Last Updated: 18 / 09 / 2009