New Functions from August 2006

Q1: I found a brand new look on your website. What other changes this new website brings to us from august 2006?

A: Besides the brand new look you would see on our website, there are a number of changes encompass the provision of account management features, Real Time Modification of Name Server, Availability of Host Management, the use of temporary password, more option for online payment, the use of Authorization Information.

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Q2: What is account management?

A: Before you begin to manage your domain name e.g. modification of name server, modification of domain name information etc, you have to log on to User account by inputting the Account Name and password after pressing ‘Login’ button on the right upper corner on our homepage. Account name is the administrative contact handle ID of any one of your domain names. You can check it out on WHOIS or press Forgot Password? / Forgot Account Name?. After logging in, you can manage all the domain names grouped with the same administrative contact.

As there was no User Account management before, you can group all the domain names into one account by changing the administrative contact Handle ID.

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Q3: What is real time modification of name server?

A: Previously, it takes 3 days to effect a name server change request. It is now taking an immediate effect for modification of name server. However please note that it usually takes several hours to propagate the signal of change to the Internet world.

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Q4: What is Host Management?

A: If the domain name you registered is used as a hostname, you can change the IP address connecting to the hostname by doing ‘Modify Host’. You do not have to change the IP address on each domain name again. Or if you want to create relationship between .hk domain hostname and IP address, you can do ‘Add Host’. All the hostname ended with .hk has to be registered host.

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Q5: What is temporary password?

A: To further enhance security of getting forgotten password, we will firstly email you the temporary password. You have to use this temporary password to change your own password. The temporary password will be disabled after you change your own password. Or if the temporary password is not being use after 3 day, it will also be disabled.

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Q6: What is the new online payment method?

A: Besides credit card as online payment, we will provide PPS as another online payment method.

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Q7: What is the use of Authorization Information?

A: Authorization Information is a secret code kept by you for each registered domain name. If the code is released to any one of our Service Partner, that means you have authorized the service partner to manage your domain name.

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Q8: How can I group the desired domains under one account?

A: For organisational domain, you shall login and manage your desired domain, then select Modify Domain Information. Click “Use Other’s Account Name”, input the Account Name which you want to group together with the desired domain, then press Submit. The desired domain will be under that account. For individual domain, please contact us by email to indicating your desired grouping, we will assist.

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Should there be further queries, please contact us at +852 23191313 or email to Thank you.

Last Updated: 19 / 08 / 2006