SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

What is a SSL Certificate?

You may not have heard of SSL certificate, but in fact, this technology has been hidden in our daily network activities and plays an important role for network security. The so-called SSL certificate refers to the Secure Sockets Layer. The “s” in “https://” that we usually see when we type in a web address means that the web page is protected by SSL technology, in short, it is an encrypted and authenticated web page. If you pay close attention to the URL bar, you will see a locked pattern on the left side, which is the SSL certificate mark.

Why Should I Install SSL Certificate

  1. Protect Your Website and Build Consumer’s Confidence

    SSL protects the data transmission between our web browsers and web servers in a secure communication layer, preventing hackers from taking advantage of this process and stealing data or tampering with the transmitted data. Therefore, from the customer’s point of view, when making a purchase online, sensitive information such as bank account, credit card information and personal address will not be stolen by a third party for unlawful use, thus gaining more confidence in spending or trading on that secure website.Even if a hacker intercepts your customer’s information through different means, since all content sent over SSL is encrypted, it would be much more difficult for hacker to read the information and therefore increases the deterrent effect of the intrusion. The unscrupulous who take shortcuts usually don’t spend their time on futile task.

  2. SSL Helps Improve SEO Performance

    The use of SSL certificates does not only enhance web security and customer confidence, but another important function of SSL certificates is also that they can effectively improve SEO performance. For example, Google, the leading search engine in Hong Kong and the world, announced a few years ago that its algorithm will give higher ranking to web pages with SSL security certificate. It is not difficult to imagine that as a search engine, the purpose is to bring quality search content to users. And with the security performance of SSL, which can prevent users’ data from being lost in transmission and protect the content through encryption process, Google will naturally give a higher evaluation when it examines the web pages. And what does it mean to have outstanding performance in SEO? Higher ranking brings more exposure, higher click-through rate and the business that comes with it.

Do I Really Need to Install SSL on My Website?

To answer this question, try to think about our daily experience. It’s true that when a website’s SSL security certificate is in effect, it doesn’t make a big difference if you don’t pay close attention to it; however, if your website does not have SSL, the browser will show the warning of “your connection is not private”. Now imagine that you are a potential business partner, or if you were about to spend money on a purchase and entrust a company with your privacy, you would be deterred by the warning that comes before it. Even if your website’s primary function is to introduce your company, not involving any transaction, this kind of security alert can still have a negative impact on your company’s credibility.

SSL certificate can bring you more benefits than just network security, it helps to boost your customers’ confidence and SEO ranking, and together with “.hk” domain name, it helps building your real strength on a solid foundation, allowing more customers and partners to know about your business. Click the link below to learn more about our SSL certificate offerings and purchase your SSL certificates now.

Purchase SSL certificate now :

DNS hosting consists of specific information about your .hk domain name. It translates the domain name into IP address for different types of domain name related actions, which directs the browser to the exact Name Server in order to show the correct content.

Our DNS Hosting Service allows you to host resource records for your .hk / .香港 domain name and one subdomain name. The total number of resource records available for each domain name is 20.

If you use HKDNR’s DNS Hosting Service, our system will update the Name Server (NS) records of your domain name to HKDNR’s servers (NS9.HKDNR.NET.HK, NS10.HKDNR.NET.HK, NS11.HKDNR.NET.HK and NS12.HKDNR.NET.HK) at the end of the set-up process.

Please note that this service is not applicable to old contract customers.


Our URL redirection service will let you point your .hk / .香港 domain name(s) to another website address.

If you want to use this service, make sure HKDNR’s name servers (NS5.HKDNR.NET.HK, NS6.HKDNR.NET.HK) are used as parking servers. You can do the URL Redirection setting at the end of this online registration process or you can login to your account at after your domain name is activated.

Please note that this service is not applicable to old contract customers.

.hk WATCH is a domain name monitoring service, helping you protect your brand online. By using .hk WATCH, you can monitor the registration of .hk domain names and have an alert sent to notify you if there is a newly registered domain name which may potentially confuse or mislead your targeted audience. This service will reduce the possibility of malicious use of .hk domain names in bad faith and potential brand infringement.

Why use .hk WATCH?

  • Keep a close eye on .hk domain names that are being registered by your potential competitors to confuse your potential customers
  • Quickly discover and take prompt action when someone is possibly infringing your trademark
  • Be alerted early to potential threats of phishing attacks damaging your company
  • Track changes to a domain name that you may be pursuing for legal action if potentially damaging infringements are spotted

Benefits of using .hk WATCH

.hk WATCH provides you with a reliable, timely monitoring service that protects your brand’s right of use. Users can be benefited by:

  • closely monitoring .hk domain names to identify those which are identical, similar or feature common misspellings of a name, trademark or service mark, as well as those combining prefix/suffix ‘wildcards’ with trademarks, effectively tackling the issues of .hk domain names being used for cybersquatting and typosquatting activities
  • when you first subscribe to .hk WATCH, receiving a report showing existing .hk domain names which resemble your brand name(s) or mark(s)
  • receiving daily emails listing new .hk domain name registrations that resemble your brand name(s) or mark(s)

Who should use .hk WATCH?

  • The Hong Kong TradeMark Holders of the name applied
  • Holders of mark accepted by TradeMark Clearing House (TMCH)
  • Law firms, financial institutions and big corporations
  • Owners of brand and trademark domain names
  • Anyone who is able to provide proof of association between the applicant name, business nature (for names that are generic terms) and the mark

How can I subscribe to .hk WATCH?

If you are interested to subscribe or have enquiries about .hk WATCH service, please email to or call +852 2319 1313.

.hk LOCK

.hk LOCK is a domain name lock service for .hk / .香港 domain names. The service protects your .hk / .香港 domain names from unauthorised seizure by cyber criminals, a malicious online activity commonly called “domain hijacking”. By hijacking your domain names, the criminals can divert Internet traffic meant for your websites and services to other destinations controlled by them, doing substantial and irreversible harm to your business and reputation.

What is at stake?

A number of internationally renowned domain names have been victims of domain hijacking recently. The damages to you could include:

  • Website defacement: your customers and visitors could lose confidence in your organisation; damage to your reputation could also be widely publicised.
  • Loss of revenue / disruption to operations: if your website is your major sales channel or service portal, revenue loss and service disruption are inevitable during the hijacking.
  • Leakage of confidential information: email traffic could be diverted and stolen by cyber criminals; confidential correspondences would be compromised.

Benefits of using .hk LOCK:

  • An extra, separate, layer of protection of your .hk / .香港 domain names; similar to the 2-step verification process commonly employed by Internet banking.
  • Diversification of security risks – even if all of your domain name credentials are accidentally compromised, .hk LOCK will be the final gatekeeper of your .hk / .香港 names against unauthorised modifications.
  • Ease of mind for your online brand security – using .hk LOCK is like having two locks on the main door. Most households nowadays have more than one lock on the main door for adequate protection.
  • Offline “key” for “unlocking” – when you need to “unlock” your domain names for modification, the verification process will be conducted offline. HKDNR will manually check the “key” on phone with the authorised persons upon an “unlocking” request. This closes the loophole of possible compromise of online communications (by means of stolen passwords, fake email addresses, IP, etc.).

.hk LOCK will “lock” your domain names against any changes of name server information on the system. You will need to appoint up to three authorised persons, who can request an “unlocking” of the modification functions when necessary. HKDNR will only unlock the domain names for a short interval after a thorough and rigorous offline verification process with your authorised persons. These measures, and the underlining security policy framework set out, will ensure your .hk / .香港 domain names are protected with the highest security standard of the industry.

Who should use .hk LOCK?

  • Banks and financial institutions, governmental departments, utilities and public services;
  • Owners of brand and trademark domain names;
  • Online shops, online service providers;
  • Anybody who communicates and transacts confidentially with their clients online regularly via their own domain names;
  • Any domain names receiving high traffic volumes;
  • Any websites handling sensitive and confidential information.

How can I subscribe to .hk LOCK?

If you are interested in subscribing to .hk LOCK or having further questions regarding the service, please email to or call +852 2319 1313.

The subscription fee of .hk LOCK is HK$2,000 per domain name per annum.

You can also refer to the .hk LOCK FAQ and User Guide for further information.


HKDNR Minisite – Your first .hk website

Get more value out of your .hk / .香港 domain names now! Register .hk / .香港 and get your first website up and running instantly.

We know entrepreneurs like you have so much to do every day, but so little time. Among the endless list of tasks you need to take care of, you have not forgotten to register a .hk domain name for your company. But then you realise you cannot afford even a few hours to set up your new website.

HKDNR can help you connect to your customers online quickly, easily and for free. Our Minisite let you instantly set up a simple, one-page introductory website before you have time to work on a full website with your ISP or web hosting partner.

You can enjoy our new Minisite service as soon as you register a .hk / .香港 domain name. Simply fill out your contact and introductory information, and your first .hk / .香港 website is ready to go live.

Minisite Samples

You can click on the minisite samples below for preview the templates that suits you the most:


Suggested Industry: Restaurant, Retails


Suggested Industry: Services, Consultant


Suggested Industry: E-Store

Register Minisite Now

Let others find you online in no time. Register a .hk / .香港 domain name now.

If you have already registered a .hk / .香港 domain name with HKDNR and would like to try the Minisite service, please login here.(You may need to change the name server setting in order to access the Minisite function at HKDNR. Please read the FAQ below for further instruction)

Please note that this service is not applicable to old contract customers.

Minisite Tutorial

Upgrade Minisite

  • The Minisite allows .hk users to build their own website in just 10 minutes.
  • It provides 3 types of templates, each with 5 pages for building an elementary website.
  • Depending on the business nature and the service offerings, .hk users can decide the functions to be included in a website.
The Level of Sophistication
  • Elementary

    The purpose of the website is mainly for information sharing and to show the online presence of a company. Visitors are able to get an overview of the company and get the latest information such as company and product update, latest promotion offers. The website also offers a channel for visitors to connect with the company.

  • Intermediate

    The website has more features and allow more interaction with its customers. Features like membership login and reservation will help increase the traffic of the website. Since sensitive information will be provided during the membership login, therefore SSL cert will be installed to prevent from cyber threats such as data leakage.

  • Advance

    The website is equipped with both membership system and ecommerce functions to provide a one-stop shop experience to customers. With comprehensive ecommerce features, customers can shop online and place order directly through the shopping cart and payment gateway of the website. Purchase history, invoice and receipt, membership information can also be checked through the website’s membership system.

Website Function Overview
  Required Features Elementary Intermediate Advance
Image sliders Y Y Y
SSL certificate Y Y
Reservation Y Y
Membership system Y Y
Shopping cart Y
Online payment Y
Email/invoice/receipt Y
Site visitor analysis Y Y Y
Downloaded by visitors Y Y Y
Suggested Ways to Upgrade Minisite
  • If .hk user is looking for any upgrade of the Minisite, they are suggested to review what kind of functions to be provided on the website.
  • If it involves membership login and/or online transaction, the .hk users can contact the registrars of HKIRC for website upgrade.
  • Besides, it is recommended the .hk users to enhance their website security and conduct website security scan annually so that their online asset can be well protected.

URL Redirection Service

You may have registered a few .hk / .香港 domain names and you want to point them all to the same website. You can redirect your .hk / .香港 domain name(s) to a website address here.(You may need to change the name server setting in order to access the URL Redirection function at HKDNR. Please read the FAQ below for further instruction)


What is Minisite service? What is the objective of launching Minisite at HKDNR?

Minisite is a free website builder exclusively for HKDNR customers. This service aims at assisting .hk domain customers to create a sleek, basic website with ease. Customers who have purchased .hk/.香港 domain at HKDNR would be eligible for using Minisite service. This service also comes with free webhosting, and it has 3 Sets of templates to choose from. Simply fill in your company information, contact details, and upload images, your website would be ready right away. This service is not applicable to HKDNR old contract domain holders, nor is it applicable to domains other than .hk/.香港.

I have purchased a .hk/.香港 domain from another service provider. Am I eligible to use the Minisite service
provided by HKDNR?

Since Minisite can only be configured via HKDNR customer platform, thus this service is only exclusively for HKDNR customers. Please check with your service provider for domain related service(s).

I have purchased a .com domain (or domains other than .hk) from another service provider. Am I eligible to
use the Minisite service provided by HKDNR?

Since Minisite can only be configured via HKDNR customer platform, thus this service only supports .hk domain, and it is only exclusively for HKDNR customers. Please check with your service provider for domain related service(s).

I have purchased email hosting and/or web hosting service from another service provider. Can I keep my
.hk Minisite and leverage the newly purchased hosting services concurrently?

If you have decided to use the hosting services purchased from another service provider, you would need to change the name server settings and point your .hk domain name to the name servers provided by the service provider instead of HKDNR’s. Thus you cannot keep your .hk Minisite running concurrently.

I have purchased hosting services from another service provider and will no longer need to use Minisite.
How can I configure my .hk/.香港 domain and switch to the newly purchased service?

You can log into your domain management account and point your domain names to the name servers provided by the new service provider. If you do not intend to use the domain, and only want to park your domain at HKDNR, you can also log into your domain management account and change the setting.

I would like to start using Minisite, can I use other free domain services provided by HKDNR at the same

Free domain services provided by HKDNR include: Minisite, URL redirecting and domain parking. For technical reasons, customers may only choose 1 out of the 3 free services above. Once you start using Minisite, you would not be able to configure URL redirecting or domain parking.

Does HKDNR provide technical support for Minisite configuration?

Customers may click here to view the Minisite tutorial prepared by HKDNR. The tutorial will walk you through Minisite configuration step-by-step.