2010 Top 10 ‘.hk’ Website Competition Result Announcement


Corporate Group
Gold Prize – www.uChannel.hk (The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups)
Company Profile: Set up by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in 2008, uChannel.hk is a web-radio channel, providing a platform for young people to develop and hone their interests and skills in broadcasting. The channel is hosted and run by young people for young people, focusing on topics around their issues and their interests. Already gaining popularity in the community with more than 35 million hits and a weekly download rate of 20,000, uChannel.hk is proving a successful endeavour to promote healthy and positive messages to the youth of Hong Kong.

www.uChannel.hk won the Gold Prize for Corporate Group

Silver Prize – www.YesStyle.com.hk (YesStyle.com Limited)
Company Profile: YesStyle.com.hk offers a wide range of high quality fashion and beauty products from Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong to customers from over 200 countries. The website features numerous localised services ranging from payment methods, logistics, promotions and marketing strategies to currency indication, social media tools and country-domain names to give Hong Kong customers a better shopping experience. YesStyle.com.hk also acts as a platform for emerging local designers to connect with potential business partners on an international scale.

www.YesStyle.com.hk won the Silver Prize for Corporate Group

Bronze Prize – www.hko.gov.hk ; www.weather.gov.hk (Hong Kong Observatory)
Company Profile: The Hong Kong Observatory’s website is tailored to users’ needs. It provides not only one-stop webpage specialised for user groups including schools, senior citizens, hikers and fishermen and others, but also provides personalised ”MyObservatory“ location-based weather and lightning location services. The website is informative and frequently updated, and has been continuously enhanced to meet the evolving needs of users. It also supports mobile Internet and links with major social networking websites. The usage rate increased by about 30 times in the past decade and reached 4.9 millions a day in 2010.

www.hko.gov.hk and www.weather.gov.hk won the Bronze Prize for Corporate Group

Merit Prize (In alphabetical order)
www.kmb.hk (Kowloon Motor Bus Co (1933) Ltd)
www.snb.hk (Skull & Bones)

SME Group
Gold Prize – iMusic.hk (Nathon Systems Ltd.)
Company Profile: iMusic.hk (Chinese domain: 音樂人.hk), launched in 2008, is a Hong Kong based Web 2.0 social website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. It offers musicians an online channel to reach fans and promote their music, aiming to develop an innovative Web 2.0 music community with ‘Hong Kong Culture’ by encouraging music creations and members interaction.

iMusic.hk won the Gold Prize for SME Group

Silver Prize – www.livinginconflict.hk (Médecins Sans Frontières)
Company Profile: www.livinginconflict.hk – ‘“Living in Conflict”- Would you survive?’ in September 2010. With the interactive animation and live sound effects, they bring the people of Hong Kong to the front line of armed conflict to experience two adapted real stories. In the interactive stories, visitors can put themselves into the shoes of a mother in the Democratic Republic of Congo or a Surgeon in Gaza and make survival choices for them.

livinginconflict.hk won the Silver Prize for SME Group

Bronze Prize – www.anyidea.hk (Anyidea Company)
Company Profile: Anyidea.hk, an exchange platform for creativity, provides a brand new e-platform for designers where customers are privileged to set the bidding prices for their favourite pieces. This is a revolutionary service which puts customers and designers into a win-win situation. It has been established for five years and has already become the largest and the most popular designer website, supported by 4,000 designer members and 1,000 SMEs. With over 600 transactions completed, the site has total cumulative transaction revenue of more than 500 thousand dollars. Its brand new business model speeds up the traditional timeline of completing design pieces and represents a new development for creative business.

Anyidea.hk won the Bronze Prize for SME Group

Merit Prize (In alphabetical order)
www.discuss.com.hk (Networld Technology Ltd)
www.price.com.hk (Networld Technology Ltd)

Best New .hk Website Award
www.livinginconflict.hk (Médecins Sans Frontières)

www.livinginconflict.hk won the Best New .hk Website Award

Mr. John Estmond STRICKLAND, GBS, JP, Chairman of HKIRC presented a souvenir to Mr. Jeremy Godfrey, Government Chief Information Officer, the guest of honour at the event.

Mr. Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC revealed the latest figures for .hk spamvertising and phising cases in 2010.


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