.hk Watch

.hk WATCH is a domain name monitoring service, helping you protect your brand online. By using .hk WATCH, you can monitor the registration of .hk domain names and have an alert sent to notify you if there is a newly registered domain name which may potentially confuse or mislead your targeted audience. This service will reduce the possibility of malicious use of .hk domain names in bad faith and potential brand infringement.

Why use .hk WATCH?

  • Keep a close eye on .hk domain names that are being registered by your potential competitors to confuse your potential customers
  • Quickly discover and take prompt action when someone is possibly infringing your trademark
  • Be alerted early to potential threats of phishing attacks damaging your company
  • Track changes to a domain name that you may be pursuing for legal action if potentially damaging infringements are spotted

Benefits of using .hk WATCH

.hk WATCH provides you with a reliable, timely monitoring service that protects your brand’s right of use. Users can be benefited by:

  • closely monitoring .hk domain names to identify those which are identical, similar or feature common misspellings of a name, trademark or service mark, as well as those combining prefix/suffix ‘wildcards’ with trademarks, effectively tackling the issues of .hk domain names being used for cybersquatting and typosquatting activities
  • when you first subscribe to .hk WATCH, receiving a report showing existing .hk domain names which resemble your brand name(s) or mark(s)
  • receiving daily emails listing new .hk domain name registrations that resemble your brand name(s) or mark(s)

Who should use .hk WATCH?

  • The Hong Kong TradeMark Holders of the name applied
  • Holders of mark accepted by TradeMark Clearing House (TMCH)
  • Law firms, financial institutions and big corporations
  • Owners of brand and trademark domain names
  • Anyone who is able to provide proof of association between the applicant name, business nature (for names that are generic terms) and the mark

How can I subscribe to .hk WATCH?

If you are interested to subscribe or have enquiries about .hk WATCH service, please email to enquiry@hkdnr.hk or call +852 2319 1313.