DNS Hosting

DNS hosting consists of specific information about your .hk domain name. It translates the domain name into IP address for different types of domain name related actions, which directs the browser to the exact Name Server in order to show the correct content.

Our DNS Hosting Service allows you to host resource records for your .hk / .香港 domain name and one subdomain name. The total number of resource records available for each domain name is 20.

If you use HKDNR’s DNS Hosting Service, our system will update the Name Server (NS) records of your domain name to HKDNR’s servers (NS9.HKDNR.NET.HK, NS10.HKDNR.NET.HK, NS11.HKDNR.NET.HK and NS12.HKDNR.NET.HK) at the end of the set-up process.

Please note that this service is not applicable to old contract customers.