HKIRC “Top 10 .hk Website Competition 2012” Calls for Entries
New Categories “Government Departments” and “LegCo Members” to Encourage
Better Communication through Websites

New Categories “Government Departments” and “LegCo Members” to Encourage
Better Communication through Websites

HONG KONG, 22 November 2012 – Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) today announced the launch of the “Top 10 .hk Website Competition 2012”. The competition is open for applications from today through 11 January 2013. In addition to the “commercial” and “non-commercial” website categories, two new categories for “government departments” and “LegCo members” websites are introduced this year. The public and all industry sectors are encouraged to make the best use of the Internet and build outstanding websites with .hk domain names. This will reinforce communications, enhance quality and efficiency of services to meet user demand and adapt to the changes of technologies and the digital economy.“Hong Kong already has a solid foundation and development of a digital government. As we are evolving as an information society, we believe the two new categories will help identify and commend outstanding government and LegCo member websites, which in turn will help improve the overall standard of design and usability of local websites. This will strengthen government’s relationship with the Legislative Council and different parties leveraging the Internet. The Internet will also help the public sector increase openness and visibility with an aim to streamline procedures, promote innovations, automation and paperless environment for the benefits of citizens and enterprises. At the same time, this will showcase the benefits brought by digital public services in Hong Kong,” said Mr Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC.

Stepping into its fourth year, the competition aims to encourage enterprises, institutions and organisations to take part and realise the importance of websites, reinforce information exchange and make good use of online resources to support the development of a knowledge-based society in Hong Kong. The competition will applaud outstanding .hk / .香港websites, enabling the local community to share and learn from best practices of website development. Websites of government departments on the HKSAR Government Organization Chart and websites of LegCo members on the LegCo Members’ Contact Directory are enrolled into the two categories.

About the competition
The “Top 10 .hk Website Competition 2012” is divided into four different categories of websites: “commercial”, “non-commercial” (such as NGOs and schools), “government departments” and “LegCo members”. Judges will rank the entrants based on four judging criteria, including overall design and functionality, engagement, use of social media and accessibility. The categories of “commercial” and “non-commercial” websites are further divided into two sub-categories, which are SMEs and organisations with less than 100 staff, and large corporations and organisations with 100 and more staff. The winners of each category will be awarded a certificate, a trophy and logo exposure on promotional materials. In addition, the Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize winner of the “commercial” category will be awarded a cash prize of HK$15,000, HK$10,000 and HK$5,000 respectively and the two winners of the “non-commercial” category will be awarded a cash prize of HK$15,000.

The application period for “Top 10 .hk Website Competition” runs from today through 11 January 2013. Shortlisted websites will be listed on from 30 January to 22 February 2013 for public voting. Winners will be notified individually on 22 March 2013 and the awards presentation ceremony will be held in April 2013.

Please go to for more details and to enroll online.

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