HKIRC “A Decade of Pride and Success”

10th Anniversary Celebration

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of HKIRC, we organised the 10th Anniversary celebration at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on 16 May to kick off a series of celebratory events. The events themed “A decade of Pride and Success of Hong Kong”, which enable us to review and share the growth of HKIRC and the glorious moments of Hong Kong during the last decade.

During the celebration, HKIRC unveiled the “Cyber Time Capsule” ( and www.十周年.香港) to let people share the pride and success of Hong Kong during the last decade, such as the achievements and memorable moments of the Internet development. You can upload digital files such as photos, videos, music, blogs to the “Cyber Time Capsule”. The files will be made available again on the website 10 years later, so that we can review and relive these special moments in time.

More than 60 guests joined the celebration and the “Cyber Time Capsule” was unveiled by 7 guests of honour including Mr John Estmond Strickland, GBS, JP, Chairman of HKIRC, Mr Daniel Lai, BBS, JP, Government Chief Information Officer, Mr Joseph Yu, MH, the first Chairman of the Board, co-founder and current Board Member of HKIRC, Mr Vincent Marshall Lee, Chairman of Tung Tai Group of Companies, Mr Pindar Wong, Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Limited, and Mr Sunny Lee Wai Kwong, Executive Director of IT, The Hong Kong Jockey Club and Mr Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC. In addition, the HKIRC and 10th Anniversary video were first shown and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra performed at the celebration, bringing a cheerful and wonderful time to the guests.

HKIRC and 10th Anniversary video:

10th Anniversary Celebration’s highlights︰