Q1. I want to check the contact information of an EU member countries .hk domain name, but the information on WHOIS is hidden. How can I get such information?

A1. This arrangement only responds to the GDPR requirement. If you have any doubt on the Registrant Contact Information, please feel free to contact the relevant registrar for details. The registrar may pass your contact information to the relevant domain contact therefore the domain contact can decide how they will follow. You can find the registrar’s contact information by looking up WHOIS

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Q2. Can I request to hide the holder name or other contact information of my domain name in WHOIS?

A2. The Registry has the responsibility to allow the public to access some of the Registrant’s details for the purpose of obtaining information about the Domain Name registration (e.g. identifying the holder before filing a dispute complaint, identify if the domain is being maliciously registered) or any other related purpose.

Hope you understand the holder name could not be hidden. We would suggest modifying the contact information (e.g. changing the email address or other contact information) to what you are comfortable with.

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