2012 Top 10 .hk Website Competition Result Announcement


“Commercial” category with 100 and more staff
Gold Prize – www.kmb.hk (Kowloon Motor Bus Co (1933) Ltd)
The KMB website, established in 1995 as Hong Kong’s first public bus website with a bus route search function, uses an easy to remember domain name www.kmb.hk. It was the first public bus website in Hong Kong to launch the “map-based point-to-point route search” function, allowing the public to access information on more than 5,000 bus stops on around 400 bus routes in graphic form. A “street view” feature gives passengers a 360-degree photo tour of the street near their chosen bus stop, enabling them to make faster and more accurate searches. In 2011, KMB launched its smartphone app, providing users with bus route information anytime, anywhere. The KMB smartphone app has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times since its launch.

Silver Prize – www.travelexpert.com.hk (Travel Expert Limited)
Travel Expert website is a one-stop online travel platform with an extensive resource library, enabling users to purchase travel products such as air ticket and hotel. In addition, it keeps updating the travel news for users to grasp the up-to-date information to decide their destination and buy promotional air tickets. The website makes use of Editor’s Choice to introduce interesting stuffs in different parts of the world with photos and captions. Travel Expert also provides travel information and instant service through different online social platforms such as Facebook, Weibo and smartphone apps.

Bronze Prize – www.mabelle.hk (MaBelle)
MaBelle website is a well-designed, operating from the perspective of our customers to provide a comprehensive jewellery and gift shopping experience online. The eShop showcases tentire inventory of styles, with detailed product descriptions, multi-angle product shots and staff recommendation videos. Customers can complete their orders through a secure payment gateway and enjoy global free delivery service. To give customers more control of their time and ever more personalized services at online stores, MaBelle established “Try these Pair Rings on at a MaBelle Shop”and “Professional Ear Piercing” booking services. All online services are complimented with phone confirmation in person to ensure customer satisfaction. The website is alsointegrated with social platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, and blog, allowing MaBelle and its latest promotions and services truly assimilate with customers’ online lifestyle.

“Commercial” category with less than 100 staff
Gold Prize – www.darizi.hk (Darizi Limited)

Launched in September 2007, Darizi’s website is a Wedding Online Community in Hong Kong. For brides and grooms-to-be planning their dream weddings, Darizi’s Online Wedding Platform offers comprehensive content to facilitate stress-free wedding planning including the latest wedding news and trends and online magazine, pre-wedding online electronic tools such as organiser, blogs and schedules to each couple-to-be, so that all intensely busy couples can manage and organize their weddings in an easy and breezy fashion! The website also creates and expedites to-be-weds easy interaction with vendors, and serves as a continuing source of useful wedding and lifestyle information. In 2009 and 2011, the website developed its iPhone and iPad apps respectively to reach clients in various online platform.

Silver Prize – www.dealshongkong.hk (Deals Hong Kong)
Deals Hong Kong is the “one-stop-has-it-all” website for group-buying deals in Hong Kong. Offering over 4,500+ group-buying deals from various daily deal sites, Deals Hong Kong offers savvy shoppers the tools to quickly and easily find all of the deals that they’re interested in. The website also brings together the group-buying community by offering a platform for users to share experiences and rate different deals that they’ve purchased before. There is even a marketplace to buy and sell any unused vouchers at further discounts from other shoppers. Started in 2011 by 2 longtime friends who dared to become entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Deals Hong Kong has now taken the concept of a comprehensive platform for finding, buying, and sharing group-buying deals into Singapore and Canada.

Bronze Prize – www.photoblog.hk (Photoblog.hk)
Photoblog.hk is a local-based online photography content provider; its main target groups are both educated tech-savvy digital photographers and sophisticated analogue photographers. Unlike other traditional photography websites, its content emphasize on photography philosophy and creativity as much as on equipment and gears, providing contents in an all-round basis. Photobloghk has put loads of effort on touching base and engage with our readers, and serve as a communication channel.

“Non-commercial” category with 100 and more staff
Gold Prize – www.e123.hk (The Hong Kong Society for the Aged)

eElderly is a one-stop e-platform aiming to bridge digital gaps and create a customized, secure and user-friendly platform for the elderly and caregivers to access information with ease and pleasure. Most importantly, it allows the elderly to communicate with each other through the internet world. We hope that they can enjoy the benefits of technological advancement for a better living. Based on the principle of elder-friendly design in the choice of website’s color tone, font type and the way of presenting information, it strongly demonstrates our sophistication in considering the need and the lifestyle of the elderly.

“Non-commercial” category with 100 and more staff
Gold Prize – www.help4suicide.com.hk (The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong)

Suicide-related information on internet is much more accessible as prevalent use of internet. People with suicidal distresses will be unconsciously and negatively affected by intensifying their distresses and intent of suicide. This website fights against this kind of internet information by probing for suicide, and providing instant emotional support. The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong strongly believe that suicide is never an option. It is just that hardship is too overwhelming. Remember! Be positive on everyday as hardship will pass one day!

“Government Departments” Category
The Best Government Website- www.rthk.hk (Radio Television Hong Kong)

Radio Television Hong Kong’s website is the hub of programmes live and archives, news and information. Instant news in Chinese and English and illustrated with photos, video and audio are updated regularly. Podcast library of over 200 programmes are ready for subscription and downloading. Public will never again miss their favourite programmes. Original multimedia web content on eLearning, culture, arts and creative, Chinese culture, public affairs are available to suit a broad range of interests. To cope with the development of communication technology, “rthk.hk” develops a range of mobile apps, including “RTHK OTG”, “Prime”, “Thumb”, “Node”. Through smartphone and tablet computers, our audience can always keep connected with RTHK.

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