Protect your .hk and .香港  domain names using .hk LOCK

.hk LOCK is a domain name lock service for .hk / .香港 domain names. The service protects your .hk / .香港 domain names from unauthorised seizure by cyber criminals, a malicious online activity commonly called “domain hijacking”. By hijacking your domain names, the criminals can divert Internet traffic meant for your websites and services to other destinations controlled by them, doing substantial and irreversible harm to your business and reputation.

What is at stake?

A number of internationally renowned domain names have been victims of domain hijacking recently. The damages to you could include:

Benefits of using .hk LOCK:

.hk LOCK will “lock” your domain names against any changes of name server information on the system. You will need to appoint up to three authorised persons, who can request an “unlocking” of the modification functions when necessary. HKDNR will only unlock the domain names for a short interval after a thorough and rigorous offline verification process with your authorised persons. These measures, and the underlining security policy framework set out, will ensure your .hk / .香港 domain names are protected with the highest security standard of the industry.

Who should use .hk LOCK?

How can I subscribe to .hk LOCK?

If you are interested in subscribing to .hk LOCK or having further questions regarding the service, please email to or call +852 2319 1313.

The subscription fee of .hk LOCK is HK$2,000 per domain name per annum.

You can also refer to the .hk LOCK FAQ for further information.