SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

What is a SSL Certificate?

You may not have heard of SSL certificate, but in fact, this technology has been hidden in our daily network activities and plays an important role for network security. The so-called SSL certificate refers to the Secure Sockets Layer. The “s” in “https://” that we usually see when we type in a web address means that the web page is protected by SSL technology, in short, it is an encrypted and authenticated web page. If you pay close attention to the URL bar, you will see a locked pattern on the left side, which is the SSL certificate mark.

Why Should I Install SSL Certificate

  1. Protect Your Website and Build Consumer’s Confidence

    SSL protects the data transmission between our web browsers and web servers in a secure communication layer, preventing hackers from taking advantage of this process and stealing data or tampering with the transmitted data. Therefore, from the customer’s point of view, when making a purchase online, sensitive information such as bank account, credit card information and personal address will not be stolen by a third party for unlawful use, thus gaining more confidence in spending or trading on that secure website.Even if a hacker intercepts your customer’s information through different means, since all content sent over SSL is encrypted, it would be much more difficult for hacker to read the information and therefore increases the deterrent effect of the intrusion. The unscrupulous who take shortcuts usually don’t spend their time on futile task.

  2. SSL Helps Improve SEO Performance

    The use of SSL certificates does not only enhance web security and customer confidence, but another important function of SSL certificates is also that they can effectively improve SEO performance. For example, Google, the leading search engine in Hong Kong and the world, announced a few years ago that its algorithm will give higher ranking to web pages with SSL security certificate. It is not difficult to imagine that as a search engine, the purpose is to bring quality search content to users. And with the security performance of SSL, which can prevent users’ data from being lost in transmission and protect the content through encryption process, Google will naturally give a higher evaluation when it examines the web pages. And what does it mean to have outstanding performance in SEO? Higher ranking brings more exposure, higher click-through rate and the business that comes with it.

Do I Really Need to Install SSL on My Website?

To answer this question, try to think about our daily experience. It’s true that when a website’s SSL security certificate is in effect, it doesn’t make a big difference if you don’t pay close attention to it; however, if your website does not have SSL, the browser will show the warning of “your connection is not private”. Now imagine that you are a potential business partner, or if you were about to spend money on a purchase and entrust a company with your privacy, you would be deterred by the warning that comes before it. Even if your website’s primary function is to introduce your company, not involving any transaction, this kind of security alert can still have a negative impact on your company’s credibility.

SSL certificate can bring you more benefits than just network security, it helps to boost your customers’ confidence and SEO ranking, and together with “.hk” domain name, it helps building your real strength on a solid foundation, allowing more customers and partners to know about your business. Click the link below to learn more about our SSL certificate offerings and purchase your SSL certificates now.

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