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If you are an existing customer and want to get a free .香港 domain name with your .hk domain name or vice versa, please click here and login to your account.

If you are an organizational customer, please do not select individual domain name type, and vice versa

The English Domain Name and Chinese Domain Name you selected on the same row below will form a bundle with the same expiry date. If you want to transfer on later day, the bundled domain names have to be transfered together.
No. English Domain Name Chinese Domain Name Year(s) Price ( HKD )
1    .    .
Please check the box if you have read and accepted HKDNR Registration Agreement , Other provisions and HKIRC Published Policies yourself or, if you are an agent, on behalf of the domain name registrant.

Chinese domain name consists of one or more Chinese character. Both the traditional and simplified forms of the Chinese domain name you entered will be allocated to you. Therefore you only have to input one of the forms (eg. inputting 互聯網域名.個人.香港 is sufficient; no need to input 互联网域名.個人.香港)

There may be Chinese characters especially some Hong Kong specific characters are not available for registration because they do not exist for registration. Inform us if you hope the characters will be available. Please refer to the HKIRC Policy of adding Chinese Character for the Registration of .香港.

If the Chinese Domain name applied for is of .個人.香港, the domain name shall be exactly the legal name of the applicant in his/her HKID card. You are required to provide a copy of HKID for verification.

Eligible Requirement for different category of Domain Name:

Domain Category
Eligible Applicant
.香港 & .hkLocal or overseas individuals or entities
.公司.香港 & .com.hkCommercial entities registered in HKSAR
.組織.香港 & .org.hkRegistered or approved not-for-profit organizations in HKSARG
.教育.香港 & .edu.hkRegistered schools, tertiary institutions and other approved educational institutions in Hong Kong
.網絡.香港 & .net.hkEntities managing network infrastructure, machines and services with a license from the Office of Telecommunications Authority of the HKSARG
.政府.香港 & .gov.hkBureaux or Departments of the HKSARG
.個人.香港 & .idv.hkResidents of HKSAR