HKDNR's Sunrise Period will start on June 1. 8-day window of opportunity to register domain names

HONG KONG, 31 May 2001 - The Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited ("HKDNR") will be officially opening its doors to the registration of new domain names on June 1, at the same time, formally launching its new and more flexible policies. In anticipation of strong interest, the eight-day period from June 1 to 8 has been designated as a special "Sunrise Period".

According to HKDNR's interim CEO, Dr Francis Chin, Generally, domain names are registered on a first-come first-serve basis. But during the Sunrise Period, all applications are considered as one batch arriving at the same time. If there are several applicants for the same domain name, those holding (or applying for) trade/service marks registered in Hong Kong related to that domain name will be given first (or second) priority, with any further conflicts resolved by random selection. This puts less time pressure on those wishing to secure a domain name to act in the very first instance.

Chin adds, We are optimistic that registrations will pick up with the launch of our new policies. Companies that want to register additional .hk domain names can now do so. A domain name is an identity in Internet space and, to the extent that the name is easy to remember and achieves brand recognition, can be viewed as a valuable asset. Our new policies also allow companies to transfer domain names, i.e. .hk domain names are now transferable assets, which enhances their value further.

Furthermore, having a .hk domain names sends a clear message to the visitor of your website that you are based in Hong Kong. There are some companies that argue that they have a global presence. But for practical purposes, many businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, hair salons, lawyers, doctors, property agents, etc., service a local customer base, for which a .hk domain name makes the most sense. Moreover, HKDNR checks business registrations; thus visitors to sites are assured that they are dealing with legitimate businesses registered and with a physical presence in Hong Kong. This is an important assurance to e-commerce customers.

Chin calls the Sunrise Period a "Window of opportunity". Worth noting, .hk domain names with prefixes comprising purely of numbers will be made available for the first time ever. For example, is now available for registration. These should attract interest, says Chin.

Registrants for new domain names can make applications starting 1 June 2001 (during or after the sunrise period) online through Details of the new registration policies and the new dispute resolution mechanism can also be found in the website


HKIRC was established as a non-profit-making and non-statutory organisation to oversee the administration and assignment of the country-code top level domain (ccTLD), i.e. ".hk", for Hong Kong. In addition, HKIRC represents Hong Kong in international Internet forum and plays a key role in facilitating Hong Kong's e-business development.

As the administrator of ".hk" domain names, HKIRC assumes the responsibility of registration and assignment of Internet domain names ending with "", "", "", "" and "" and any other Second Level Domains to be introduced from time to time in Hong Kong.

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